Automatic QA


We get a list of suggestions when we click the Auto-check button available in the Issues tab. If there are any issues, the user gets a list of issues.

From the suggestion list, for each suggestion, we can either create an Issue by clicking the Accept button or reject the issue by clicking the Reject button.

We can create Issues from the rejected suggestions as well.

Configure Auto-checker Tab

Based on the configuration given here, we can control Auto checker suggestions List Item.

  1. From the options in the first section, we can see either Active suggestions or Rejected suggestions

2. We have the following filters for the Auto checker suggestions.

  1. Issue Type

  2. Label Type

  3. Issue Title

Other Important Issue Flow Features

Visual Sync between Editor and Issues Panel

To see the visible sync for the same issue displayed in the Editor and Issues Panel,

  1. Select Create Issue primary toolbar mode.

  2. Open the Issue panel and select the Issues tab to see the issues list.

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