The Deepen reports offer a complete view of the dataset management environment. They track important aspects such as data quality, user contributions, labeling progress, and real-time activity within the workspace. This information is vital for making informed decisions and optimizing the workflow for dataset-related tasks.

Dataset Reports:

The dataset report provides information about the datasets in the workspace. It includes details such as the number of frames, labels, time spent on the dataset, average time across all stages, and completed tasks.

User Reports:

The user report gives information about the users working on the dataset. It provides details such as the total number of labels created and the average daily time spent.

Quality Reports:

The Quality report relates to issues that arise within the dataset, providing information on the status of each issue.

Labelling Reports:

The Labelling report provides information about the labeling categories, label type, label count, and stage ID.

Real-Time Reports:

The Real-time report provides real-time updates about the current workspace. It allows users to track the number of users who are working on the workspace.

Productivity Reports:

The productivity report provides information about the user's productivity across all label types and stages.

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