Data Collection for Vehicle-2D Lidar calibration

Calibration Target:

Calibration target is a tetrahedron with a planar board on one of the faces. A bigger target can give a more accurate calibration result. The minimum board size is proportional to the vehicle size. For a small vehicle such as a car, at least 0.5 m in edge length is recommended.

Since the target is a tetrahedron, all the edges are of same length (4 equilateral triangles fixed together). Also, the length and width of the back plane should be greater than or equal to the edge length of the tetrahedron.

Data Collection:

  • Mount the 2d-lidar on the vehicle. Park the vehicle on a flat ground

  • Mark the boundaries of the vehicle using the tape (black lines), then mark a parallel line (red line) to the vehicle based on the orientation of the lidar's FOV

  • Use tape in order to take precise measurements, along with a carpenter scale.

  • Place the target on this parallel line (Red Line)

  • Make sure the bottom edge of the back plane of the target is parallel or perpendicular to the car sides, based on the configuration of the lidar

  • Take measurements of the target distance from the respective side of the vehicle by measuring the distance of the parallel line the target is on to the vehicle side it is parallel to and also measures how far the target is, from the left side of the line

  • Take multiple shots of the target with the target placed at multiple distances away from the left, along the same parallel line.

  • Also, measure the required vehicle config

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