2D Customer Review

This feature lets you choose a sample of files or all files in your dataset, and with a simple user interface for you to review the labels, accept the data and file issues if any re-work is needed.

How to enable customer review for datasets? While creating a new dataset, turn on the Enable customer Review option. If you would like to use this feature for an existing dataset, go to the Settings screen in the dataset you would like to enable this, and turn on Enable customer review option.

How does this work? When customer review is enabled, users can submit the dataset for review once all the tasks are complete in all the pipeline stages. It is recommended for users to complete their existing tasks and resolve their pending issues across all stages before submitting them to review. Please note that once submitted, users will not be able to modify labels and tasks in the editor.

Users will not be able to access the review app when the work is in progress in any of the pipeline stages. When the review app is launched for the first time, you're greeted with a screen to set your review configuration. Users are provided with two types of review options: Sampling review, Full review.

In the sampling review, you can review a sample size of frames to review which are randomly chosen instead of all the frames like in the Full review. Once you have set the configuration, you are ready to get started!

When reviewing, if you notice any labels where re-work might be needed, you can quickly create an issue for the same and click Mark for rework to mark the file for rework. If the frame looks good with all the data in it, you can click Mark as done to mark the file as done.

Once you've reviewed the samples, if the data looks good you can accept and mark the dataset as done by clicking the Accept dataset. If you've marked any files for rework, you can request for rework by clicking Reject dataset.

Issue Creation:

  • Users can create issues if they find any errors in the frame/dataset.

  • To create an issue, click on the Issues icon.

  • Click on the area and Name the issue and select priority and click on Create.

  • On the right side menu, all the created issues can be viewed and managed.

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