2D Segmentation (foreground/background)

Overview: Painting foreground and background allows you to segment an object occluded in the background

Steps to segment foreground or background:

  1. Knowing how to use the foreground and background are very useful in data labeling.

  2. Start labeling by using left-click.

  3. When we label the 1st object which was occluded by another 2nd object. It should be labeled with an extra region of the object.

  4. By using the foreground option for the 2nd object which was in front of the 1st object. It will cut the 1st object polygon accurately.

  5. By using the background option we can label an occluded object without affecting the polygon in front of the occluded objects

  6. Click “control + shift” to draw a Polygon within a polygon.

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