Vehicle Camera Targetless Calibration

Targetless vehicle-camera calibration:

Data collection for targetless vehicle-camera calibration:

  1. Mount camera on the vehicle (direction should atleaset be partially facing the front ).

  2. Input the Camera Intrinsics in the config page.

  3. Record a scene with 5 to 60 where the vehicle is moving.

  4. Keep the speed of the vehicle such that the images captured are not blurry and there is enough overlap between frames of images for feature extraction. Avoid stationary vehicle clips.

  5. Having good edges (like buildings) in the images will result in better calibration.

  6. The Processing and the feature extraction for the necessary frames from the video takes time.

  7. Select a frame where you can easily draw the horizon line and adjust the vanishing point ( Horizon line can be considered as the line segregating the sky and the earth and vanishing point is point where the parallel lines of the road meet at infinity)

  8. Click on calibrate

Example data:

Extrinsic Calibration Output:

  • roll, pitch, yaw are in degrees .

  • roll, pitch, yaw are the extrinsic parameters downloaded from the calibration tool.

  • vehiclePoint3D is the 3d coordinates of a point in the vehicle coordinate system.

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