3D Segmentation (Ground Polygon)

Overview: Ground Polygon is best used to paint a large surface area.

Steps to create a Semantic Painting: 1. Select a category from the editor.

2. Selecting Polygon: To select the ground polygon, Use right-click at the type selection.

3. Semantic Paint: To Create Paint Label, Select a class and use left-click to paint on Lidar. 4. Select the surface area in which you want to paint by clicking on the edges of the coverage. 5.Press Enter to close a polygon or press Esc to cancel a polygon. 6. To paint another category change category type and paint using left-click. 7. You can also view the point cloud that is painted in the camera view by clicking on the “P”. 8. You need to save by click on Paint at the top panel and then click on save or use 'Enable Auto Save'.

9. To erase, hold “e” or click on the eraser icon to erase the paint.

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