3D Instance Segmentation/Painting

Overview: Instance Painting allowed to paint each instance of each object featured in the point cloud instead of categorizing each pixel like in semantic segmentation.

  1. Paint Selection: Click on Paint with Brush using Left-click on the left-hand sidebar. Use Right-Click on the mouse for selecting Painting Mode (Brush or Polygon or Cube) to start painting.

  2. Selecting Brush/Polygon/Smart Brush/3D brush from Top Panel: Click on Paint at the top panel and select “Paint with Brush/Polygon/Smart Brush/3D brush”

  3. To create another instance of the same or another category, hold “C” while painting. It will automatically generate a new instance.

  4. You can also adjust the brush size. The bigger the brush size, the more surface area it covers.

  5. You need to save by click on Paint at the top panel and then click on save.

  6. To erase, hold “e” or click on the eraser icon to erase the paint.

  7. Users can submit their work by clicking on the submit button at the bottom. Refer to Task Life Cycle for more information.

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