Lane based Targetless Vehicle Camera Calibration

Lane based Targetless Vehicle-Camera calibration:

Calibration Homepage

  • This page lets users view, create, launch, and delete calibration datasets. Admins can manage users’ access to these datasets on this page.

  • Click on New Calibration to create a new calibration dataset.

Calibration selection

Select Vehicle-Camera Calibration to create a new dataset.

Calibration Instructions Page

Upon selecting Vehicle-Camera Calibration, the user is welcomed to the instructions page. Click on Get started to start the calibration setup.

Approach selection

  1. Select the Terrain as Flat and approach as Targetless

  1. Select the Lane based calibration option "Atleast 3 equidistant lane boundary lines (New)" option


Camera Intrinsic Parameters

Intrinsic parameters for the camera are to be added here. Users have three options.

  • Users can use the Camera Intrinsic calibration tool to calibrate the results, save them to the profile, and then load them here. For more details, click here.

  • Users can also load the JSON file.

  • Users can manually enter the intrinsic parameters if they already have them.

Upload files from the mounted camera

Add lanes in the Image

  1. Select any of the uploaded image and draw at least 3 consecutive lane boundaries present in the image.

  2. Repeat the above step for at least 10 images for better accuracy of the final calibrated results.

Run Calibration

Users must click Calibrate to calculate the extrinsic parameters


Visualize button shows the Birds Eye View (BEV) representation of the camera image according to the calibrated extrinsic parameters.

Extrinsic Calibration Output:

  • roll, pitch, yaw are in degrees .

  • roll, pitch, yaw are the extrinsic parameters downloaded from the calibration tool.

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