Calibration Profile

Guide to edit/delete/update a calibration profile

1.Calibration Profile list page, where the users can load existing calibration profiles or create a new one.

2. Create a calibration profile, by choosing a profile model and filling in the details and clicking the create button

3. Update a calibration profile, by changing the required fields and clicking the update button

4. Calibration profiles can then be imported into other calibration setups such as the Camera-LiDar Calibration Setup and the Camera Vehicle Calibration Setup. 5. Calibration profiles can also be imported from a JSON file.

Eg1: Normal camera

Eg2: Fisheye camera

6. We support two camera models in all across calibration tools. Undistorted images can be used in calibration by just toggling the distortion button. Following are the two camera models

  • Normal (Brown-Conrady Camera Model)

  • Fisheye (Fisheye Camera Model)

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