Sequence Timeline

A timeline feature is a useful tool for visualizing your labeling activity and improving labeling speed and efficiency for sequence datasets. By providing information about the labels across datasets, it allows you to easily identify, navigate, and edit manual frames. With the timeline, you can perform these operations much faster and with greater accuracy. For more detailed information on how to use the timeline, please refer to the instructions below.

Frame Navigation

Using Frame Number

To navigate across frames using the frame number, you can click on the frame number and input the desired frame. Alternatively, you can hover over the frame number and drag left or right to move to the previous or next frame.

Using Frame Slider

You can navigate across frames in the timeline view by dragging the blue slider left or right.

Using Navigation Buttons

You can navigate across frames using the play, previous, and next buttons located on the timeline view. See the button interactions below.

You can use the ctrl/cmd key with mouse scroll to zoom in or zoom out the scale present in the timeline view.

Extend/Clip Labels

To extend or clip labels to particular frames, hover on the right or left edges of the label track (coloured bars) to see a black bar. Drag this black bar in the left/right directions to extend or clip the label to some particular frames from the sequence.

Delete label in specific frame:

You can delete the interpolated label in a specific frame by holding the command (for Mac) or Ctrl (for others) and left-clicking to a specific frame of the labelling timeline.

Note: By disabling “fill new labels”, new labels created will not be interpolated.

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