Create a dataset profile

Overview: Users can add different type categories and add attributes at label and category levels.

Steps to create a dataset profile:

  1. Click on the “dataset profile” at the left panel.

  2. Create a profile name e.g.: My Image profile.

  3. For 3D bounding boxes, you can configure your default bounding box size by clicking on the category.

  4. You can also add the label attributes specific to the category when you select a category.

  5. Common attributes are attributes that apply to all categories.

  6. Frame Attributes are attributes that apply at a frame level.

  7. Dataset Attributes are attributes that apply at the dataset level.

  8. Auto-task assignments can be enabled by clicking on Enable auto-task assignments.

  9. Next, enter the labeling instructions (optional).

  10. Lastly, configure the workflow pipeline by inputting the name and selecting the checkbox to allow labeling activity in that pipeline. You can add as many stages of pipelines as you want.

  11. In the Image Editor user can give the attributes to the labeled objects by pressing shortcut keys or from the tool itself.

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