Deepen AI Overview

What is Deepen AI Suite? Deepen AI is the fastest way to annotate data to build and ship artificial intelligence applications. Deepen AI Suite provides enterprise-grade AI-accelerated tools focusing on image, video. and sensor fusion (camera, LiDAR, radar, and more) training data. Who is it for?

  1. Believe commercial solutions will be a far better choice than building and maintaining internal tools and infrastructure.

  2. Want the highest quality standards for creating training data.

  3. Want to standardize creating and managing training data across various teams within the organization.

  4. Want to leverage labeling automation and reduce costs in human labeling.

  5. Want the ability to work with internal labeling teams (usually experts) as well as fully managed external labeling service.

  6. Want to leverage state of the art labeling tools for creating training data.

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