Segment Anything

Segment Anything Model (SAM): A new AI model that can “cut out” any object, in any image, with a single click.

Steps to perform Segment Anything in semantic segmentation:

  1. Click on Label type and select Semantic Painting from the top left menu of the editor.

  2. Click on Paint and select Paint using Segment Anything.

  3. Users can label an object by selecting either Points or Box. The more points that are added, the higher the accuracy of the output. For better accuracy, it is advisable to place more points in the center of the object.

  4. After selecting the point/box, click on the Generate label to preview the results. The user can either accept or reject the label.

  5. Click on Paint and select Save to save all the changes made. It is important to note that for Semantic painting, users must manually label by clicking on Save.

  6. Users can overwrite the painted region by selecting Overwrite painted region.

  7. Users can unselect the Paint using the Segment Anything option and make edits using brush/polygon.

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