3D Bounding Boxes — Single Frame/Individual Frame

Overview: Bounding box annotation is used to train autonomous vehicles to detect various objects in a real-world scenario. The objects are detected in the point cloud with high accuracy by using bounding boxes.

Steps to create a 3D bounding box:

  1. Click on Label type and select 3D bounding box from the top left menu of the editor.

  2. To Create a Bounding Box: Start labelling by clicking on Create Tool(C) using Left-click on the left-hand sidebar. Note that it only adds bounding boxes in this mode.

  3. To Edit Bounding Box: Users can edit boxes only in “Select and Move Tool(V)”.

  4. To move the Bounding Boxes: To Enable only move action, Hold “V+Left Click”. Now click “Arrows” or place the pointer in the empty space of the box to move the bounding box to the desired direction.

  5. To Rotate Bounding Box: Hold “R+Left Click”. Now Click “Rotated arrows” to rotate the bounding box.

  6. To Increase or Decrease Bounding Box: To Enable only Scale(Increase or Decrease Box Size)action, Hold “S+Left Click”. Now Click “Circle” to adjust the bounding box in different directions.

  7. To Delete Bounding Box: Select the label and click delete(shift+delete for sequence) or click on the trash can icon of the label in the right panel.

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