AI sense (ML-assisted labeling)

Overview: Labels are generated automatically based on the image, this is also known as pre-labeling.

Steps for using AI Sense: 1.Go to the Editor Page and Click on the AI Sense button from the right side menu. 2.Click on Auto Detect. 3.Click on Preview to view the labels or Add All to add the labels. 4.Users can add individual labels or use Confidence Score to detect labels. 5.Make sure the category is given before using AI Sense.

Categories supported for AI Sense: Single Frame Detection categories:(2D Bounding Boxes)

  1. person: A person walking in the scene (usually on sidewalks, crosswalks, outside driveable space

  2. bicycle: Human or electric-powered 2-wheeled vehicle designed to travel at lower speeds either on the edge of the road surface, sidewalks, or bike paths. A driving bicycle is also considered a bicycle.

  3. car: All Sedan, Suv, minivans, and sports cars are marked as cars

  4. motorcycle: Gasoline or electric-powered 2-wheeled vehicle designed to move rapidly (at the speed of standard cars) on the road surface.

  5. airplane

  6. bus: A road vehicle designed to carry many passengers.

  7. train

  8. truck: Motor vehicles designed to transport cargo, goods, merchandise, and a wide variety of objects.

  9. boat

  10. traffic light: A road signal for directing vehicular traffic by means of coloured lights, typically red for stop, green for go, and yellow for proceeding with caution.

  11. fire hydrant: a fitting in a street or other public place with a nozzle by which a fire hose may be attached to the water main.

  12. stop sign: A stop sign is a traffic sign designed to notify drivers that they must come to a complete stop

  13. parking meter

  14. bench

  15. bird

  16. cat

  17. dog

  18. horse

  19. sheep

  20. cow

  21. elephant

  22. bear

  23. zebra

  24. giraffe

  25. backpack

  26. umbrella

  27. handbag

  28. tie

  29. suitcase

  30. frisbee

  31. skis

  32. snowboard

  33. sports ball

  34. kite

  35. baseball bat

  36. baseball glove

  37. skateboard

  38. surfboard

  39. tennis racket

  40. bottle

  41. wine glass

  42. cup

  43. fork

  44. knife

  45. spoon

  46. bowl

  47. banana

  48. apple

  49. sandwich

  50. orange

  51. broccoli

  52. carrot

  53. hot dog

  54. pizza

  55. donut

  56. cake

  57. chair

  58. couch

  59. potted plant

  60. bed

  61. dining table

  62. toilet

  63. tv

  64. laptop

  65. mouse

  66. remote

  67. keyboard

  68. cell phone

  69. microwave

  70. oven

  71. toaster

  72. sink

  73. refrigerator

  74. book

  75. clock

  76. vase

  77. scissors

  78. teddy bear

  79. hair drier

  80. toothbrush

Sequence tracking model categories:(2D Bounding Boxes)

  1. car

  2. truck

  3. person

  4. bus

  5. bike

  6. rider: A person driving a bicycle or motorcycle is considered as the rider

  7. motor

  8. train

Categories for 3d Bounding box (Sequence and Single Frame):

  1. vehicle: All Sedan, Suv, minivans, and sports cars are marked as cars

2. pedestrian: A person walking in the scene(usually on sidewalks, crosswalks, outside driveable space)

3. cyclist: A Person who is riding a Cycle

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