3D Bounding boxes on images

User can add a 3D bounding box to the image by selecting the 3D bounding box label Type.

Steps to Draw a 3D Bounding Box on image:

  1. You can label the 3D bounding box by left-clicking the mouse. On mouse left click and drag user can see a 2D box which will be the front face of and another click will generate a corresponding 3D bounding box.

  2. Hovering on the box reflects which face/vertex will be moved and you can use Shift + Left Click-drag to move the box.

  3. You can select the 3D bounding box by clicking on the box with a left mouse click. Then you can edit the bounding box by dragging the highlighted box with a left mouse click.

  4. Labels are saved automatically.

  5. Users can submit their work by clicking on the submit button at the bottom. Refer to Task Life Cycle for more information.

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