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Multi Sensor Visualization
Visualization of multiple sensors
Overview: Visualization of multiple sensors
Steps to visualize the multiple sensors from different calibrations:
    The Visualization feature can be launched using the “Visualiser” button beside the “New Calibration” button in the top right corner for the datasets in the selected Calibration Workspace.
    When you click on the Optimiser Button, you will be redirected to the following page, which will ask you to add sensor pairs from the list of calibrations.
    When you click on Select Sensor pair, we can see the list of calibrations available to select with various filters
    Select a calibration to see the list of available sensor pairs for this calibration
    Use the “+” sign to select the sensor pair
    After selecting the corresponding sensor pair, rename the sensors according to your convention and click “Add sensors”. (The sensor name used here serves as id for sensor, we need to give the same name if we have the same sensor in a different sensor pair)
    After selecting at least one sensor pair click on Add sensors button, then this sensor pair is added to the menu as below
    Repeat the process to add more sensor pairs related to other calibrations.
    In the below example, there are four different sensor pairs belonging to four different calibrations , with common vehicle : “vehicle1”, sensors : “lidar”, “camera1”. The default page after selection looks like this
    Use Change to open particular sensor pair details, rename/modify as required
    User Remove to remove if a sensor pair is no longer required
    Use Add sensor pair to add new sensor pair.
After clicking Done Adding, we get to visualization mode
    On the left menu, there are different sensor pairs that we are visualizing.
    Below this menu, there is a Unique Sensors List and the corresponding color attached to it.
    By default, the system selects a sensor (preference to vehicle), this serves as common axes, also this sensor is highlighted and all other sensors are visualized in this axis
    We can visualize everything in other sensor axes by selecting other sensors in the list.
    Using the back button (“ ← ”) on the top left, we can navigate to the menu view.
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