Data Collection for Camera-Vehicle Calibration

Data collection for camera-vehicle calibration.

  1. We need two cameras, one mounted on the car which we do the calibration against the vehicle.

  2. We need to make sure we have the intrinsic parameters for both the cameras before we proceed to camera-vehicle calibration. Intrinsics can be obtained from the camera-LiDAR calibration tool as well.

  3. Data must be collected twice. One for the left view and the other for the right view. Both have the same steps.

  4. Have a checkerboard with known horizontal corners and vertical corners. And also the square size.

  5. A sticker can be attached to the car wheel to auto-detect the center of the wheel.

Data collection for left view set-up. 1. Place the checkerboard in the field of view of the mounted camera. And freeze the position of the checkerboard. 2. The Mounted camera should take a single frame by having the checkerboard in its frame.

3. External cameras should take a single frame by having the checkerboard and both the left wheel tyres of the car.

4. Now the external camera can be placed at a different angle and another frame must be taken.

The same above steps must be repeated for the right view set up as well.