Camera-Vehicle Calibration

1. Calibration list page, where the users can load existing dataset or create a new one.

2. Mounted camera name and its camera model can be selected in the beginning. We support both the fish-eye and the pinhole camera models.

3. Enter the intrinsic parameters for the mounted camera.

4. Add images related to the mounted camera. One for the left view and the other for the right view.

5. Tag the image based on the checkerboard as left/right.

6. Configure the checkerboard pattern.

7. Enter the intrinsic parameters for the external camera.

8. Upload both the images taken from the external camera for left view.

9. Add the wheel points by manual method or can be auto-detected. Now select the wheel points and tag them as either the front wheel or the rear wheel.

10. Now upload images for the right view. 11. Do the same step as the left view, add points and tag the points as either front-wheel or the rear wheel. 12. Finally, go to verify mode and enter the 3D visualization to visualize the 3D data derived from the 2D images. 13. Download page can be used to download the calibrated data. Mounted camera intrinsics and the extrinsics can be downloaded from the same.

Save calibration dataset:

  • We have a save option on the top left corner. A user can click on the Save button to save the calibration dataset at any time during the calibration process.