Camera Intrinsic calibration

1. Calibration List Page:

  • Click on ‘New camera intrinsic calibration’ to start the intrinsic calibration.

  • This page also lists all saved calibrations and filters to view them.

2. Start Page:

  • Start the process by clicking on ‘Get started'.

  • Add the camera name and select the camera model for which the intrinsic calibration has to be done.

3. Add images:

  • Upload the images along with the checkerboard in its frame of view.

4. Checkerboard configuration:

  • Add the checkerboard corners in the configuration displayed on the right side of the page.

  • The horizontal corners are the count of inner corners in the horizontal direction.

  • Similarly, vertical corners are the count of inner corners in the vertical direction.

  • For the image shown below the checkerboard has 7 horizontal and 9 vertical corners.

  • Once the config is set, the ‘run calibration’ button is enabled.

5. Run calibration:

  • On clicking on ‘Run calibration’ the intrinsic parameters are calibrated.

6. Verify Results:

  • One can verify the calibration results by using the reprojection error. It is the mean error of all the reprojected points.

  • Also, the results can be visually verified by checking the undistorted image.

  • The side by side view can be used to check both the distorted and undistorted image at the same time.

7. Checkerboard Coverage:

  • Checkerboard coverage shows the amount of area that is covered by the checkerboard corners from all the images uploaded.

  • 0-50% Low

  • 51-70% Medium

  • 71-100% High

  • Higher coverage results in higher calibration accuracy.

8. Save to profile: Camera Intrinsic parameters can be saved to profile can be saved using this button