Charuco Dictioanry

Explaining the different charuco dictionaries
We Support 17 different dictionaries. The dictionaries other than the original have a standard representation as DXD_n. D represents the dictionary type, i.e., 4, 5, 6, or 7, and n represents the number of bits. A charuco board can have a maximum of n markers for a dictionary. The original dictionary supports 1024 markers.
  • Original
  • 4X4_50
  • 4X4_100
  • 4X4_250
  • 4X4_1000
  • 5X5_50
  • 5X5_100
  • 5X5_250
  • 5X5_1000
  • 6X6_50
  • 6X6_100
  • 6X6_250
  • 6X6_1000
  • 7X7_50
  • 7X7_100
  • 7X7_250
  • 7X7_1000
How to choose the bits of charuco dictionary?
Choose the number of bits close to the number of markers on the board. For example, if the board has 90 markers, choose 100 bits as it will have 100 unique markers.
The more the number of markers/corners, the better the accuracy of your calibration, but your camera should be able to identify your board correctly. So consider the camera's resolution, the target's distance from the camera, and the environment around you while choosing the dictionary to get a clear image and more corners.