Tasks Assignments

Overview: Tasks can be assigned in both labelling and configures pipeline stages for added users.

Steps for Task Assignments: You can assign the tasks to the user in the dataset level under “Assignments”.

  1. Here, you can assign the task to the labelling mode and QA mode.

2. You will select the user email from the drop boxes and select the files from the unassigned files or enter the file numbers such as 1-4,5, 6-11.

3. By clicking on “move” you can assign the files to the users.

4. To save the file assignments of the users you need to click on the save changes.

5. Labelling users can check the assigned files from the Assignments of Assigned to me.

6. The numbers which are marked with blue dots are assigned to the specific user and also user email can be shown at each and every file.

7. If the checkbox is green, that means the file is done with labelling.