Setting Up Labelling Pipeline

Overview: User can configure types of pipelines which are required for the project.

Steps to configure pipeline: While creating a project you can set up the Pipeline stages. You can see the pipeline with a checkbox. If you click on the checkbox, it will then enable labelling in those respective stages. You can add a number of pipeline stages by clicking “Add Stage”.

For example, I have created three pipeline stages with the name “Labelling”, “QA” and “Final QA”. If I have clicked allow labelling for the pipeline stage “labelling” and “Final QA” then for these two pipeline stages, users will be allowed to edit the labels in the editors. In the QA pipeline, users will not be able to edit any labels because the “allow labelling” is not enabled. Note: You can configure up to 10 pipeline stages. Remember, this setting cannot be modified after creating a project.