Adding Categories & Attributes

Overview: User an add different type categories and add attributes at label and category level.

  1. Users can give multiple categories for different types of annotations.

  2. Open the project. There, the user can find categories option.

  3. The user needs to enter the type of category(E.g. Car, truck, etc)

  4. After adding the category users need to click on save chsanges.

Attributes: In the Attributes view you can see the two types of Attribute configurations like Label Attributes and Category can give the keyboard shortcut keys for each Attribute Name.

  1. Label attributes for all the label classes.

  2. Category Attributes for the specific label class.

3. After adding the Attributes users need to click on save changes.

4. In the Image Editor user can give the attributes to the labelled objects by pressing shortcut keys or from the tool itself.