Adding a user

How to add a user:

  1. When the project is opened there is an Add User option.

  2. Enter valid email and select the scope for the user and click on Add User.

Permission rights of each user: Deepen AI annotation tools have different user access levels for different tasks. Different roles and their description are as follows:

  1. Admin: This role can add/edit/delete a project, add/delete a dataset, add users, add payment details, sign up for different pricing plans, assign users, add files and add labels.

  2. Reader: This role can view all the labels but cannot make any changes.

  3. Projects Admin: This role can add/delete a project and add/delete datasets, assign frames to already added users.

  4. Projects Creator: This role can add or delete a project.

  5. Datasets Admin: This role has access to create and delete datasets. They can assign frames to already added users. They cannot label or add any users.

  6. Datasets Creator: This role has access to add datasets, cannot delete datasets.

  7. Labels Admin: This role can add and delete the labels.

  8. Labeller: This role has access to annotate the allocated frames(Labelling and QA)