2D Polyline/Line

Overview: Polyline or Line annotations are continuous lines made of one or more line segments. The entire line is treated as one object. Polylines are typically used to annotate open shapes since they don’t have to be closed as polygons do. This tool is often used to label shapes like road lane marks or other similar shapes.

Steps to Draw a Line:

  1. By pressing the shortcut key ‘T’, you can enable the 2D-polyline mode.

  2. Select a category from the drop-down box.

3. Draw a line keeping points on the image with a left mouse click.

4. You can save the line label by pressing the “Esc” key twice

5. You can select the label by double-clicking on the label with a left mouse click. Then you can edit the 2D-Line, by dragging the highlighted points of the line with a left mouse click and also you can delete the selected highlighted point by pressing the “Delete” key.